Taking place inside Yellow City Comic Con; entry into the ‘con is required.

– Additional $5 entry fee into the tournament to assist with prize support.

– Start time: Saturday, May 9th at 11am

– Space available: 20 players/10 tables. We’ll probably need to borrow terrain for 6 tables.

– 200 point Campaign Tournament (see Campaign: Paradiso for more details).

– 1 list.

– 3 rounds.

ROUND ONE – Seize the Antennae – 1130am to 1pm
“Reports of a jettisoned Tesium shipment on Earth have reached the communications networks. Your superiors have instructed you to gather a small intelligence gathering/expeditionary force to investigate and attempt to locate the exact position of the shipment. Expect steep resistance from opposing forces.”

ROUND TWO – Frontline – 2pm to 3:30pm
“The location of the shipment has been located in the area formerly known as the North American Texas Panhandle, but heavy resistance was encountered. Your forces need to break through the garrison of opposing forces. We must not let the enemy reach the location first.”

ROUND THREE – Supplies – 4:30pm to 6pm
“The shipment is in sight, but we’re not alone. Yet another competing force is bearing down on the valuable Tesium shipment. Eliminate them and return the goods back to your transport.”