A1 Celeb Photographer
A8-9 Christi’s E Creations
A10 Nubber One Designs
B1 Wild Bill’s Soda
B7 Crafty Jackrabbit
B8 Nerdy Girl in a Country World
B9 Ben Lurvey
B10 SO Ani-ME
B11 Mi Tiendita
C1-5 Triforce Cosplay and Accessories
C6 Terry Mark
C7 Lilla Rose Hair Heroes
C9 Pok├ęklan
C10-11 PEER Pressure Collectibles
D5 Barnes Creations
D7 Victoria Rivero Art
D8 Shalottlilly
D9 Alberts Cartoon Art and Collectibles
D10 Wilde Designs
E2 Poppin’ Off Creations
E3 Mythical Mya
E4 Kittikaiju Prints
E5 Cooper Creative Art

H7 T.T Shoppe
H8 Getexcitedesigns
H9 Faces by Mary Lou
H10 Freezie Treats
I3-4 White Lightning Productions
I5 Handworks and Pickle Sap Decals
I6-7 Senpai Creations LLC
I8 Wire Rim Books
I9 A Daydreamer’s Gambit
I10 NikkiLynn’s
J1-2 Author Crissy Smith
J3-5 DC-Imports
J6-7 Rodrigo Godoy
J8 Nickles Trading Co
J9 Hector Ceniceros
J10 CookseysCupcakes and Confections
K1-2 GeekdomHideaway
K3 Under Ur Feet
K4-5 Gamer’s Inner Circle
K6-8 Big world comics
K9-10 Entertainment Resource Network
L3,H1-2,I1-2 Triad Collectibles
L4 Hot Prop Prod/Ninja Pixie Designs
L5 Songbird Pixel Art
L6 Whitney Tyler
L7 Mosto Creations
L8 Perez Creative Studios