Is the penciler and inker for upcoming CCP Comics project “Station 39,” as well as a joint venture between CCP Comics and CEL Studios called “Hero Complex. In addition to those projects, Jazel is currently penciling and inking covers for “FLIP Relapse.” His previous projects include an Isis Anthology for Bluewater productions as well as work on the book “The Belgerian Conflict” for Dark Phoenix studios. Unfortunately, neither book saw print. He has recently contributed as writer and artist to several issues of “The Gathering” from GrayHaven Comics.

Jazel lives in Denver, CO with his wife Aimee, son Jazel (jay-zell) and daughter Emyah (em-eye-uh). He studies graphic design and illustration at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. When not drawing, Jazel enjoys gaming and watching sports.

Look for future CCP projects from Jazel in the near future. Also, see more of his artwork at his Deviant Art page at, and contact him through his Facebook page at