Hey there YC3 fam! YC3 is coming up on April 28 th at the Amarillo Civic Center, and man, do we have a huge announcement for you guys today!

One our favorite things about YC3 is the chance to bring in childhood heroes to Amarillo! We’ve brought you Power Rangers, Star Wars Admirals, the voices of Vegeta, Master Roshi, and Mikasa Ackerman. This year, we’ve upped our game and are happy to reveal our headline guest for this year.

Our headline guest was born into a sports-entertainment family. Eager to follow in his father’s footsteps, he began competing in the early ’70s, making a name for himself. In 1983, he tasted success for the first time, winning the NWA World Championship. He then took his talent (and his patented DDT finisher) to the WWE. Right out of the gate, he made a name for himself, targeting fan favorite Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and DDT’d Steamboat onto a concrete floor, putting him in the hospital for weeks.

As if that wasn’t enough to curry hatred from the WWE Universe, he stirred the pot further each week, hosting his show, The Snake Pit – the perfect forum for him to rile both Superstars and fans alike with his twisted point of view. As time wore on, he soon became a fan favorite, thanks in part to his memorable rivalries with the Honky Tonk Man, the Million Dollar Man and Andre the Giant. WWE Universe fans from that generation will never forget the Giant’s paralyzing fear of his pet python, Damien. He skirmished with the likes of Earthquake, Randy Savage, and Rick “The Model” Martel, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Whether competing in the ring, or burrowing into the psyches of his opponents, Jake “The Snake” Roberts will go down in the annals of WWE history as one of the most cunning and lethal Superstars ever to step between the ropes. The reptilian warrior ultimately slithered into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6, 2014.

In 2015, the Resurrection of Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts showed the highs and lows of his process to total sobriety and holistic wellness and showed how Roberts was able to rebound and use his journey as a testimony that, at 61, he has found his true calling in life to help those who are struggling with this merciless vice.

Mr. Roberts will be at his Celebrity Booth to sign autographs all weekend! Be sure to hear him speak at his “Resurrection of Jake the Snake” panel and take an official Celebrity Photo during his scheduled Photo Ops!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, geeks and dude bro’s, Jake the Snake is coming to YC3!