Was born and raised in Austin, TX but escaped briefly to Denver, CO
to get a BA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of
Colorado. Upon her triumphant return to Austin, she had the great
honor of being part of the first group of artists and writers that would
later become CCP Comics. Since then, she has penciled, inked, and/or
colored numerous CCP titles including the Soul Bound, Blood and
Thunder, Saint, and the new title Dead Robot. 2011 marked the
release of her personal projects, released through CCP, titled FLIP
Relapse and Killer Dustbunnies. (For the record, I enjoy coloring
comics the most. I feel it’s my strong suit. Y’know. Just in case
anyone was wondering…) On the note of coloring, She is usually at her
booth painting away with watercolors, another thing she enjoys.