We have a phenomenal lineup of Cosplayers who will be in attendance during YC3!

NoodleRama Cosplay

NoodleRama Cosplay is based out of Amarillo and has been cosplaying (officially) since 2013 when she entered the Blizzcon Cosplay contest. Her favorite Cosplays are always the ones done in groups, and she enjoys challenging herself with new techniques. Some of her favorite fandoms include Legend of Zelda,   Steven Universe, Love Live and Pokemon. Check out her facebook cosplay page at facebook.com/noodleramacosplay

She can also be heard on the Nerdtastic 4 podcast at facebook.com/nerdtastic4
Dark Prince Cosplay

A regular in the Texas Cosplay Scene now, he was curious about cosplay since 2009. After 6 years of looking at the costuming scene from the outside he took the plunge and started to cosplay and instantly fell in love it, making appearances in Albuquerque New Mexico , Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. He’s met a lot of interesting people and created new friendships while on the way and loves meeting new people who share interests in similar fandoms.  

He has created works from Steampunk, Disney, Anime, Comic, and Video games. While still perfecting his craft, he is widely known in the Texas cosplay community as Darius from League of Legends, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Claude and Sebastian from Black Butler, and Jumin Hann from Mystic Messenger.  But he’s best known in the cosplay scene as the most accurate and amazing Mettaton from Undertale.  Be sure to meet him in person over the weekend, attend his panels, grab some autographed prints, and even take a professional photo with him during his Celebrity Photo Op.  Be sure to follow him online at DarkPrinceCosplay on Facebook and Instagram.

Savii Sunshine

Savii is an anime and gaming geek who likes play with fabric and thread! Her loving passion for cosplay has lingered around since 2009 and hasn’t left since! She began cosplaying when she first discovered what cosplay was at her first convention and has since been a slave to her sewing machine. She has cosplayed Wizard from Diablo III, Two from Drakengard 3, numerous Harley Quinn outfits, as well as Viktor from the new anime Yuri on Ice. She is super excited to be a part of YC3 and cannot wait to see everyone there!

Battleborn Cosplay

Battleborn Cosplay has wanted to do masks and special fx for his entire life. Before the internet there were no how to books on making masks so he finally found a tutorials and inpiration just a few years ago when he and his daughter KileyCosplay discovered Cosplay. They started like most people do with more basic stuff and a lot of trial and error. HIs first Cosplay was the Red Hood and Kiley’s was DC Tarantula. After that first convention life changed for them! They met so many amazing people that share their love for geekdom. More recently they have been putting more detail in their work and have made some absolutely incredible prosthetics and armor. Check out his World of Warcraft Orc!  Be sure to check out his booth!


Smart Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2007 and went full time in 2013.  They are a family made up of Dad (Dan), Mom (Shawna), and their three sons (Shawn, Thomas, and David), Shawn’s girlfriend Kiley and David’s girlfired Erica.  They also have two or three family friends join them at events. Cosplay brings out the creative spirit and puts the spark into the events we attend. People love heroes and villains, and Smart Cosplay wishes to bring the best representation they have to offer. From seeing the kids smile to adults absolutely excited to see their childhood heroes in real life, they know what they do unites the community in a positive way.

Swimsuit Succubus

Swimsuit Succubus began her modeling career in 2015 and has since built a loyal fanbase of admirers who enjoy her glamour photographs and custom made, imaginative cosplays.

From humble beginnings, she began her career posting photos on an online blog. She now owns her own studio in Texas, where she produces content for her modeling business. Across her various social media platforms, she has amassed more than 300,000 followers, accumulated over 4 million views on video platform Vine and runs an online store selling themed image sets.

Though Swimsuit Succubus is primarily an online glamour model, at heart she’s an entertainment fan with a love for cosplay. Beginning with her cosplay as Raven from Teen Titans – an image of which went viral on image hosting website Imgur, amassing more than 1 million views – she has become well known for her quality cosplay designs, visiting conventions across the country.

As an avid reader and comic enthusiast, she is excited to make her first appearance as a special guest at Yellow City Comic Con.

Nikachu Cosplay

Be sure to meet Nikachu Cosplay at this year’s Main Event! She is a Texas cosplayer who has been attending conventions for more than 8 years! It all began with her love of anime (specifically Sailor Moon) and she never looked back!  She got much more involved and started attending conventions as a Cosplay guest about 4 years ago. You might recognize her as Sailor Saturn, Firecracker Jinx or Nozomi from Love Live! She is a huge fan of anime and gaming and an overall Nerd. Make sure you say hello at her Love Live Panels!