Krystle Starr is one of Texas’ biggest cosplayers with over 30,000 followers!   We’re excited to bring Krystle Starr to YC3! Krystle is a cosplayer, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and co-founder and host of, a news website geared toward nerd culture with the latest events and news.

She also teaches adults with disabilities and started a massively successful Comic Club, which has been featured on TV and newspapers.

She’s worked for MoCap Online designing Video Games with Motus Digital working as a mocap model and a junior animator and has been featured in Otaku magazine, HerUniverse, Dorkly, CollegeHumor, and many more. TV appearances include “Screen Machines” to rebuild the Ecto1.

Come grab an autographed photo of Krystal at her booth this weekend, catch her panels, watch her judge our cosplay contest, and grab an official Celeb Photo during her Photo Ops!