YC3 Cosplay Policy

YC3 understands the desire of many fans to cosplay as their favorite video game, anime, movie, or comic book characters. However, we must place limits on the appropriateness of the cosplay attire during the convention at large and what you may wear onstage during the cosplay contests.

YC3 reserves the right to refuse the entry of a costume which YC3 decides is unfit for an audience of all ages. Costumes deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly event will not be allowed to enter the convention or participate in the cosplay contests.

Any display of a cosplay prop in an aggressive or threatening manner, real or implied regardless of intent, or any other activity thought to be unsafe in the view of the YC3 organizers is strictly forbidden. At any time, should YC3 organizers see a weapon being carried or being used in an unsafe manner, the individual will be brought to the attention of the staff on duty.

Cosplay Contest

Adult Contest (Age 13 and up) Groups and Solo contestants will compete in the same category. We will accept 40 contestants on a first come first served basis. In order to compete your costume must be at least 50% made or altered. Bought costumes or costumes that are less than 50% altered can sign up and walk the stage, but will not be eligible for awards. We still want you to get to show off your awesome cosplay! Spots will fill up fast so be sure to register as early as possible. Registration will be open on Saturday from 10:00-5:00 when doors open to when prejudging begins. When you register for the contest you will be given a number and a time to show up for prejudging. Be sure to arrive a few minutes early for you assigned slot to check in and prep your costume.

There will be a judging panel of  incredible cosplay guests and crafters so be sure to bring your best work!

Each contestant will have 30 seconds to walk the stage. Be sure to take your time and really show off all your hard work. A green room will be available to the contestants for last minute adjustments. Be sure to bring all the tools you need to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions while on stage. If you would like to perform a short routine you may do so provided you do not perform any unsafe acrobatics on stage. If you and a partner would like to perform an action scene you may do so at half speed. Following the conclusion of the contest awards will be announced! Be sure to stick around!

Kids Contest We will accept 25 contestants on a first come first served basis. Registration will be open on Sunday from 10:30-1:00 so be sure to sign up early because slots will fill up fast! When you register you will be given a number and instructions on where to be before the contest for lineup. Each contestant will have 30 seconds to walk to stage. Take your time and show the crowd how awesome you are. Judging will take place during the contest by a panel of cosplay guests and following the contest awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be announced so be sure to stick around.

Law Enforcement Cosplay

Costumes that could be confused with local, state, or federal law enforcement of any kind are not permitted on the convention floor. YC3 reserves the right to determine if a uniform or costume resembles an unacceptable real world uniform at its sole and absolute discretion. Any and all costume and prop restrictions for the Anime, Comic and Steampunk Cosplay event will be at the discretion of the YC3 staff.


We do not allow offensive signs or free hugs signs. Signs are not allowed for competition. This includes, but is not limited to cardboard, poster board, notebook paper, etc.