Meet the Board of Directors For YC3! 

The 5 nerds responsible for bringing this event to life.

Chris Anderson

Chris was born a geek and is a 3D modeler, leather worker, prop builder, and cosplayer. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and loves Star Wars, Steampunk, anime, and video games. His passion for the Fandom community is what drives his love of YC3.

Travis Tidmore

 Travis has been a fan of film, comics, and pop culture for as long as he can remember. While in Law School he launched offering movie and TV reviews. For the past several years he’s been honing his skills as an attorney in the Texas Panhandle. He looks forward to growing YC3 into THE pop culture convention for the Amarillo area.

Brandon Biggers

Brandon has been a gamer and a nerd all his life, be it playing Atari at 2 or Magic: The Gathering and DBZ: TCG at 30.   When he’s not gaming or indoctrinating his sons into the wide world of nerdiness, he hopes to bring unity and fun to the gaming communities of the High Plains.

Cody Seaton

Cody’s love of music, anime, and comics brought him into the con scene. He enjoys life with his wife and two daughters, and loves gaming, comics, hockey, and making music.

Jon Barnes

Jon is a gamer, a streamer, a geek, and a fan of all things Star Wars. He has a Masters in Business Administration, a love of cosplay, and a passion for helping the local community. When not working or running the biggest fandom convention in the Texas Panhandle, he loves to dress in all black and hunt Jedi.