Panel Schedule:

Panel Descriptions:


Main Panel Room:

6pm – Take One: Comedy Coliseum – Take One puts on a competitive comedy show that is suitable for all ages. An insanely popular format that pits two (or three) comedy gladiators against each other and the audience decides their fate. Its comedy medieval times with no budget or horses, This show involves audience participation and guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

7pm – The Women of Star Wars – Come see Bonnie Piesse and Katy O’Brian talk about their experiences of being in Star Wars!

8pm – Makeup 101 with Knightmage – In-depth discussion all about taking your cosplay to the next level with makeup effects.

South Panel Room:

7:15pm – Tea Dueling – Round One! A duel on the field of tea…or chicken with a soggy biscuit(cookie). Played in a tournament style, two duelists face off to dunk their biscuits in tea and see who is the last one to get said biscuit in their mouth cleanly. Hosted by Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk.


Main Panel Room:

11am – Live Face Paint with Children of Proteus – Watch our favorite Fishy Friends show you how they create amazing fish face makeup looks!

12pm – Take One Comedy Show – Take One puts on a short-form improv comedy show, similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway, that is suitable for all ages. A tried and true comedy show performed across the nation for the last 10 years and has left a trail of laugher in its wake. This show involves audience participation and guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1pm – So You Want to be a Jedi……or a Sith – Teens and Adults come take a closer, behind the scenes look into our shows. Train with us in the basics of Saber Guild: Jakku Temple’s Lightsaber Choreography System and how we combine stage combat with cosplay costuming.

2pm – DJ Qualls – Come listen to all the exciting times DJ Qualls has had as an actor on TV and the Big Screen!

3pm – Ladies of Power (MMPR) – Karan Ashley, Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise talk about what it means to them to be Power Rangers.

4pm – Cosplay 101 – with Knightmage – Come learn some tips and tricks, the ups and downs and the in and outs in a free form discussion all about the wonderful world of cosplay.

5pm – “GASP” Short Film with Q&A – Hello! My name is CJ Scott. I am an independent filmmaker based in Amarillo Texas. I just finished my most recent short film ‘GASP!’. This short is a 20 minute horror-comedy filmed in Amarillo.

6pm – Take One Lip Sync – So you want to be the next pop star, but don’t know how to sing? No problem! Performance is half of the battle. Compete against other want-to-be performers in a lip-sync battle competition, including performances by members of Take One.

7pm – Cosplay Contest – Enter in our Cosplay Contest (13+) to show off your cosplay crafting skills and a chance to win prizes! Intermission provided by Saber Guild: Jakku Temple – Lightsaber Combat Demo!

8pm – Take One Unhinged – An improv show free from filters and restraints, this is a no-holds-barred ride of absolute hilarity. Audience suggestions are allowed to get as crazy as the crowd dares and please no recording because we don’t want to be held responsible for the show.

South Panel Room:

11:15am – Dungeon Masters Tips, Tricks, and Advice for the Aspiring Dungeon Master – Are you interested in running your own Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Are you running out of ideas to throw at your party? Are you having trouble with THAT player? Come join our panel of experienced Dungeon Masters to learn some tricks to swerve your party, ways to bring them into your story, advice on how to help your game, or just to hear some ridiculous stories from the D&D table. All ages are welcome, all experience levels are welcome, all classes are welcome (except Bards. You know what you did).

12:15pm – Corset Making 101 – An introduction to corset making. We will be discussing corset styles and patterns, fabric choices and boning, tools and lacing. Hosted by Lillie Mae’s Steam Trunk.

1:15pm – OC Creation 101 – Creating an OC can be tricky or confusing and some may struggle with it. If not the whole process then part of the process. We like to help others into making it a smoother process by breaking down the steps and just all around making it an easier process for those who want to make an OC.

2:15pm – Videography & Photography as a Cosplayer – -An informative panel covering everything from building confidence as a model to taking and editing photos and videos. Great for novices and seasoned cosplayers alike. Hosted by Occultish Cosplay.

3:15pm – Star Wars Station Live Podcast – We are a local Star Wars podcast that covers news and does after shows for all aspects of the Star Wars universe. Join us for a short discussion and long Q&A session about The Mandalorian season 3.

4:15pm – Tea Dueling – Round Two! Tea Dueling. Playing chicken with a soggy cookie. Tea Dueling is a challenge pitting your skill and wits against your opponent on the field of Tea. Played in tournament style. Prizes will be awarded.

5:15pm – World Building and Comic Creation – Join Children of Proteus to hear about world building and creating their comic book.


Main Panel Room:

1pm – Fish Standup Comedy – A comedy special presented by Liz from Children of Proteus.

2pm – Katy O’Brian – Come hear about all the amazing projects Katy O’Brian has been a part of.

3pm – Anime Voice Acting – Hosted by our guests J. Michael Tatum and Brandon McInnis, a dive into the world of Anime voice acting and their careers.

4pm – Tea Dueling – Final Round! Tea Dueling. Playing chicken with a soggy cookie. Tea Dueling is a challenge pitting your skill and wits against your opponent on the field of Tea. Played in tournament style. Prizes will be awarded.

5pm – Kid’s Cosplay Contest – Cosplay Contest for 12 and under. A contestfor our younger attendees to show off their cosplay skills! Prizes awarded.

South Panel Room:

2:15pm – Mini Games on the High Seas – Come try your hand at a variety of games against your favorite Strawhat crew members, and maybe even win some treasure! Well if Nami will let you! Hosted by Occultish Cosplay.

3:15pm – Keep The Girls Classy – Cosplay Cleavage Control. Big or small, every woman needs support. Come find out how to keep your cosplay vixen not vexing. Hosted by My Circus My Monkeys.

4:15 – Take One –


Gaming Schedule: