The YC3 Board welcomes the Walker of all Walkers, Coleman Youmans, to the 2016 main event.

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Coleman Youmans is an Atlanta based Actor and Stunt Performer known best for his work on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” He has appeared in 34 episodes of TWD and is currently working on season 6 as well . He can be found on tons of merchandise , international promos , the season 5 Blu-Ray cover and lots of behind the scenes footage including the season 4 KNB SPFX bonus documentary where he is the featured walker. Coleman also has an action figure in the series 7 Todd McFarlane line, The Mud Walker, from his scene dispatching The Governors adopted daughter.
Apart from the more than 100 other productions he has worked on, Coleman was recently a primary ghoul in the upcoming feature film Goosebumps. He can be currently found in 4 movie companion books, trading cards, and the Goosebumps board game with much more to come.